Monday, January 31, 2011

Some background on me as a weaver

Ok here goes, as you probably guessed by the blog tittle I am a third generation weaver. How the famiy came to weave is a very interesting story... About 10 years ago I happened upon a strange looking contraption at a yard sale. The guy running the yard sale had no idea what it was, and could only tell me that his grandma had called it an inkle loom. So I paid the man for the item and started researching. This may confuse you as I state that I am a third generation weaver, bear with me I will get to that. I came to learn that the loom was designed to make bands of up to 3 yards long in varied patterns. Then my parents took an interest in the new craft, they proceeded to share with my grandparents, and the family quickly became hooked. Shortly thereafter grandma was crying for a table loom(Which Grandpa built in his woodshop). And then came the floor looms, the tablet weaving, and the frame looms. All of which the grandparents handed the information back down through the family.
While I have a preference for the frame looms I do know how to use all the aforementioned looms and am getting my own table loom come this spring. I am also thinking of investing in a good set of tablets so I can offer those belts as well. Thank you for reading, have a nice day.